6 European yoga / activewear brands to shop guilt free

Welcome to 21st century! The time that will be forever known as the era when consumerism really took over peoples lives and mentally enslaved 97% of the population of the developed countries.

By now we are used to accessibility of everything almost 24 hours a day. Of quick fixes. Maybe by getting that new t-shirt, leggings or a piece of furniture.

Now. Fast. Cheap. How did all this stuff get here? At this price? Well, lets not get into that, it will ruin the mood of getting a treat.

This post is about consumerism and having a treat by buying yourself something nice, maybe even something you don't entirely need. And it's ok, especially if you open your heart & mind before you open your wallet.

Here are a few picks that will leave you guilt free even if you shop till you drop:


JAYA organics creates sustainable clothing for yoga, dance and leisure that is manufactured in Nepal under fair conditions. All the clothes are made from biological cotton and bamboo viscose. And a mayor plus, they are based in Germany, so local shipment guaranteed! If you live in Berlin, you can find them also in Yoga & More and Yoga 108 store.

Photo: Courtesy of Jaya Organics


Simple and sustainable yoga wear label for women and men from Austria. All the production is made in a family atelier in Bruno (Czech Republic), no sweat shops here. Fair and clean production is assured.

Photo: Courtesy of Nice to meet me (smiling owners Denise & Maicol Herrera Peña)


Founded in 2012 in Berlin, the OGNX yoga label embodies fair and sustainable production.

They use high quality organic cotton and distant themselves from child labor, exploitation of the disadvantaged and resource depletion.

Photo: Courtesy of Ognx

4. 9t3 Clothing

This organic sportswear/streetwear from Germany. The main production is local, but some part is based abroad to promote and help socially weaker countries. Fair trade and ecological!

Photo: Courtesy of 9t3


I think their own description beautifully sums up the philosophy behind the brand: "We love beautiful, organic and fair products. With a great team it’s our mission to combine fair working conditions and sustainable, high quality materials with beautiful design. Instead of chasing the latest trends we focus on modern, contemporary collections. Fair Fashion instead of Fast Fashion. That’s what we live for."

Photo: Courtesy of Armedangels


Starseeds managed to combine love for eco, design and yoga in one brand. Launched in 2014, this brand is committed to creating fashionable, comfortable and environmentally friendly designs, while using the sustainable, organic, natural fabrics and crafted fairly in Europe.

Photo: Courtesy of Starseed

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