Please, don't pimp up my yoga

People who know me, also know that I am a person who likes to have fun. Just bring it on! One of my favourite things in the world is a real, sincere laugh, when it doesn't matter where you are, inappropriate as it may be, you just can't and don't want to stop it. And yes, lets do some spontanious out of the box stuff.

I am all up for that, too.

What does that have to do with yoga, right?

Well you probably saw or you sooner or later will, yoga classes that combine yoga with drinking beer, goats running all over you, hoga or yoga on a horses bag, doga with dogs, noga - naked yoga or kink yoga that prepares you for BDSM practice.

I mean, 5 points for ideas that obviously sell, but really?

My biggest problem are trends that use the popularity of yoga to accessorise it with ''props'' that attract the audience that would probably otherwise never come to yoga.

I truly believe yoga should be relaxing, a bit challenging, a bit fun, a bit serious. But all those things should come as a feeling from your inside. I am also all about having fun moments on the mat and they do arise, especially in a group. And sometimes those moments relax us all, because humour connects. It takes the pressure of ourselves that we need to perform in certain way and be ''perfect''. I love those precious moments that really brings together the whole room.

What I do have second thoughts with, is using yoga as a tool on which you can put some props on to attract audience. We are completely moving away from the essence why we are on the mat in the first place, because we are putting our attention to our surroundings instead of our inner world.

Yoga is a journey. It is not a Summer break, it should be more like a break from all the impulses around us while traveling within.

What if we would just grab a beer after yoga and stay present without being a bit intoxicated? I bet the tree poses are much better this way. And what if we go to a farm and cuddle some goats while we maybe also volunteer and clean their barn? Or take our dog for a walk and let him fetch some balls or sticks instead of holding him in uncomfortable poses?

And as for kink yoga goes.... I was searching the net and watching videos of all this types of yoga and I also stumbled upon a clip about Sydney based dominatrix and a certified yoga teacher that does kink yoga. To be honest, it was the only one, that I could see some connection with yoga in terms of accepting, uniting and letting inner differences be without putting a label on them. You will need to listen to the personal stories in the video to see what I mean.

At the end it really comes down to a personal choice. And openness to things you might not approve or understand completely. Regarding all of that I still believe yoga deserves respect. Respect to its tradition, values it represents. It is not and should not be a trend, but way of living.

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