What is deprivileged enough?

I created the Shameless concept a few months ago. Before I was doing my yoga classes under the name Good karma yoga, which never really represented me and unsurprisingly it didn't grew as I visioned.

In one moment, having moved to Berlin, quitting a regular job, leaving behind all the safety nets, I was questioning everything - what do I want, what do I really believe, what brings me feeling of achieving something meaningful, contributing to something. I questioned my work as a graphic designer; does it bring me joy? Is it something I really love? And it questioned also my relationship to yoga. Where am I going with it? Do I want to practice it behind the walls of my own home, do I want to keep teaching? Is there a place for me in this over saturated yoga community? Where is my motivation going to come from?

And then I pulled back a step and set myself one single question - what do you really believe yoga is about? What do you want to give? There it was, a clear answer what I would love to do. Shameless yoga concept was born, standing for every body and every age, background, physical and mental state.

After I launched the brand with the web page, on Facebook and Instagram, I got a message from my friend congratulating me and adding with a smile, that the concept would be for sure more successful if I was ''more different''. By more different he meant bigger, or above average taller, smaller etc.

And it really hit me, wow, we really do live in a society where the concept of the ones who are not the ''society norm'' or the ''average ones'' have to fight for themselves because rarely others give a shit. Of course the ones who stand out, as being above the average, are being praised and looked up to in terms of creating even bigger gap between us and them, who become icons, role models etc.

But to stand up for just everybody, then you have to be ''deprivileged'' in some way so it makes you more legit. How scary is that? Do I need to prove more that my intentions are real, because I am not over weight, or for society standards extremely unattractive, to be able to come across as a true advocate for human rights?

I am no advocate first off all, I am just one person who hopes to maybe take away someones struggles when feeling not fit, or young or hip enough to do yoga. Just a person to whom you can drop in for a class because you want a warm inviting friendly environment. That's it. Whether you are extremely confident or shy, athletic or couch potato, I hope we all have enough space in our hearts to come together on a mat.

Love, M.

#curvy #everybody #shameless #yoga #eveybody #mat #struggles

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