But, I can't!

I guess now I should start with, but of course you can! Can what? Everything you put your mind into! Well, I don't think you can. I believe we do have limitations and I think it's only far to be honest with each other that they exist and also limit us.

I believe that saying to someone that everything is possible is a lie. And it's doing no good except giving falls hope. I believe in truth but I also believe in being surprised that something we thought is impossible reveals as quite the opposite. I believe in inspiring stories and almost unbelievable transformation. And I love that sometimes an amazing ''1 in a million'' possibility actually happens. Wow!

But at the end I really like to keep it real and most of all, being ok with what that means. I don't appreciate someone telling me that if I would really put my heart and soul into it I could be brilliant in everything I could've imagined. It's not true. We come to this world with some and we also grow through life certain limitations. Wether they are physical, mental, emotional etc. they form a part of what and who we are. But the real trick is not to take them as a downside of us and just acknowledge they are there.

We are so obsessed with being really good or the best at something, that the whole process of doing something is not even the core motivation anymore, because we are so focused on becoming the best. Because only then we are worth it. And only then we are winners.

Well that kind of thinking also really affected me in every aspect of life and of course yoga was no exception. I wanted to be the best and by competing silently with everyone I wasn't even present in the moment. The moment that should be really just mine, the moment of exploring the body and yes also its limitations.

And accepting them. That's where the work needs to be done. Mental one. Dropping the ego and being really content wherever you are. Not always easy let me tell you. But when it happens, when you finally get to that point when it really isn't about ranking of any kind, that moment is really special. It really comes down to exploring and getting to know your body, you almost become curious where it might surprise you with a ''Hell no'' or a ''Hell yes''. And it's fun and relaxing and without pressure.

So yes my dears, we do have limitations, but don't let be limited by them! Do what you love and expect nothing, just enjoy!

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