Why Shameless yoga

Shameless yoga was created to form a space where everybody will feel welcome. A space where different body types and colours and beliefs and leggings are wanted. Where nobody is exluded and everyone feels equal.

The idea came out of knowing how it feels living with insecurities. I was a very insecure child growing up, puberty was no better to be honest. You don’t have to look much different on the outside from others to have your whole well being depended on how environment reacts to you. In fact, most of the mayor insecurities come from our early childhood.

My self esteem was and still sometimes is very conditional. And as I grew older, I could just add new characteristic I can compare myself with others – prettier, thinner, younger, etc.

And this takes so much energy from a person. People can become a threat instead of an inspiration.

But I also believe that you have to be wise when selecting what inspires you. And that it also takes a certain amount of self awarness and seeing beyond unspoken or unwritten messages others are projecting. Because they can actually make you feel worse. Especially yoga community has become a synonim for amazing instagram photos of exotic locations and gorgeous model like yogies doing hardest asanas with zero effort. This is not what yoga is about. And if there is a yoga studio near you where everybody is one body type, one leggings type, don’t be discuraged. Maybe that studio is not for you, but that doesn’t mean yoga is not for you. It has nothing to do with the essence of yoga.

But at the end we form what is cool and what is wanted, we form the society where we are preyed on, because we allow it. We make ourselves followers and likers of the dream society we feel we can never be a part of.

Well f… that. Lets be real. Lets get back to the basics of the movement and touch and breath. That’s why we should be here in the first place. Lets not allow ourselves to be drifted away by illusions.

I want Shameless yoga be a space for all you guys out there that aim for connection while doing some vinyasa yoga.

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