Only excuse for not doing shameless yoga is being
 too big, too thin, too old, too stiff, too shy, 
too lazy or too busy eating ice cream. 



Yoga came into my life in 2010.

At first it was just another activity I was so used to trying and not sticking with it. I tend to get really excited about things and then after a while when you need to dedicate to it and initial excitement is gone I quit.

This time it was different; even when my friend, that I was going to private yoga classes with, quit, I continued. Yes, I took individual clasess because I was really uncomfortable in groups and had trouble relaxing with people I didn’t know.

In about a year of individual classes my teacher Daša that I now proudly call my friend, suggested to at least try going to a group class. And by then I was ready. From that moment on everything led spontaniously to the point when she, at that time more then me, believed I am ready to take the teacher training class. I was coming from a very difficult period in my life, I felt really insecure, but at the same time I knew I needed something that would be just mine, for me. Something that would connect me more to my body and less to my overworking mind. And that year of teacher training was one of the best years of my life. I met the most amazing people that are now my friends for life, I laughed, I cried, I sweated. I lived intensly.

It changed me. It brought more changes to my life. Fundamental ones. From the early 2014 I got divorced, experienced teenage freedom, quit my job after 10 years and moved to Berlin to come closer to the way I want to do things. 

And what I really want, what is really my passion, is to create a space and place where people would feel welcome and safe. Where you, as Nirvana preached already in the 90’s: Come as you are.

Whether you feel you need a individual one on one class, or a group class of amazing people, both is fine. Maybe you feel like taking a sailing or a pottery class. That is fine also. It’s exactly where you need to be right now. Just go out there and take it for yourself.  

Love, M. 





Group English classes 

Mondays: 8:00pm-9:30pm

Thursdays: 8.30pm - 10:00pm 

join me for an energising vinyasa class. 


Location: KreuzbergYoga


Drop ins: 12 EUR

4 visits card: 40 EUR

Individual classes (eng, slo.)

Private lessons are custom-tailored to your ability and goals. Whether it is lack of time, feeling uncomfortable in group classes, having special needs due to an injury or age, you will benefit tremendously from personalised sessions that are designed to meet your needs. Physical evaluation of the body is made on the first session and custom practice plan is prepared for you. 

PRICE: depending on your income 

50 / 70 EUR (75 -90 minutes) + studio fee

Fridays: 6:00pm-7:30pm

join me for a functional vinyasa class.

Lets dig a little deeper! 


Location: AshtangaYoga Shala

Want to give the gift of yoga?

Shameless yoga gift vouchers / Gutscheins now available 





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